A Wolf’s Pursuit

Today I was blessed with the witnessing of a very special and rare sight…

Five minutes walk from my house, down on the beaches of the Chilkat Estuary, I was scanning the wilderness side (western side) of the Chilkat Inlet and spotted a moose standing in the brackish waters. Seemed strange to me… why would a Moose be standing in salty water where no Moose food grows? Then I see the wolf; trotting a medium pace up to, then past the position of the Moose. Soon the Wolf is gone and the Moose emerges from the water and disappears. Soon, the Moose is back and galloping a hard trot along the beach. Behind it I count 4, no 5… wait, six Wolves behind the creature in hot pursuit. Great splashes fly airborne as the Moose enters the off limits area of normal Wolf pack pursuit. The Moose stands by. Then, unexpectedly, another Moose is flying up the beach, perhaps just stumbling across this scene and is soon given chase by the six strong pack. The second Moose gallops hard for nearly a mile, with two Wolves near attack, when it too suddenly and violently plunges into the safety of the drink. The Wolves scatter, but I bet one of those Moose will be food for the pack before too long… A helluva a site today.


Sadly, no pictures….

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