Alaska Moods of Winter

Here is a short edit of some of the video I have been shooting this winter for stock video sales on Pond5, VideoBlocks, Fotolia, etc. It was shot entirely in the Haines area in the Chilkat Valley of Alaska’s northern panhandle. We actually got some snow here this winter, yet still not enough, but it sure was beautiful!


I hope you enjoy it!


The Swift Cabin

Some time back, my former co-workers Dave and Ben Swift told me about a cabin that they had built with their father Paul Swift many years ago. The cabin was built in an area that I and been cutting firewood in and I knew the area some what. Located up a faint trail off of a four wheel drive road at mile 13 of the Haines Highway, it was built by hand utilizing logs and timbers of Spruce and Pine from the forest it is located in. Anything that the forest did not provide, had to be hauled in on foot up the 1500 foot climb up from river level through the steepening forest to the cabin site.

Angela and I had plans to go on a hike today, so we decided to drive up river for a hike across some Pine covered ledges overlooking the Chilkat River I had discovered and traversed a couple of weeks earlier. Upon arriving to the scene, we decided we wanted to do something different. I remembered the cabin Dave and Ben told me about, so another mile drive up river brought us to the four wheel drive logging road and the start of our forest walk.

Up the old road we go; some erosion and boulders had drifted into the roadway over the winter. Mental note: must remove boulders before firewood season this year in order to get the truck up here. Soon we come to the blotch of spray paint marking the trails entrance into the forest, and soon we are deep within it. The hike is ever slightly steepening for about 35-45 minutes and eventually one gains a flat shelf perched below the final steep section of the ridge. The cabin is located here and is in a nice location with obstructed views of the Chilkat below. A worthy hike indeed to a true blue Alaska wilderness cabin.


Just Rolling By

Just Rolling By will be leaving Facebook behind. It is a decision made to further Just Rolling By. Facebook readers soak up too much traffic and posting on Facebook soaks up too much of my time. Instead, that time would be best served by focusing my energies more to JRB.

SO, in less than 24 hours time, I will be deleting the Just Rolling By Facebook page. My personal page will remain intact. If you like reading a and looking at JRB, home is where the heart is…


Stay tuned…