An Icy Wilderness


These last few months, my video-in-crime partner Gene and I have been building a working relationship with another old friend from the past Moab days, Paul Swanstrom. Paul is an true blue Alaska bush pilot and is also interested in shooting, editing, and collecting video of his plane and of the glorious “Ice Wilderness” that adorns our doorsteps here in Haines. Paul is an easy going guy who is easy to get along with and always eager for exploration of this magnificent place. Our first flight with Paul was last year out at Glacier Point on a calm and beautiful Autumn day. Last week, we went out again, but this time to the monster glaciers of the Alaska Coast Range and then into the  surrealistic Chilkat Mountains area of Glacier Bay Nat’l Monument, where the really big glaciers grow.

The day was filled with shooting footage of the plane flying high and low, touch and go, land and take off, all with a magical backdrop of icefall, peak, and crevasse. A stunning place that no photo or video can ever do justice.

Gene was shooting with hi Sony RX-100 MK/IV, and FS700/7Q+ RAW, with me gunning the scene on the Sony PXW-X70. My tripod was having issues in the snow, so a bit of homework is required before the next outing.

Yesterday, Paul came over to my house for the footage hand-off… after I had edited the clips, color corrected, stabilized, and labeled. He went home and cut together this short piece and posted it to YouTube. My filming, his editing…

So, other than working my day job and remodeling the house, this is what I am up to these days… Weather is supposed to be solid next week, so another trip into the Icy Wilderness is likely in order… Now if I can just get the time off work.

Here is the YouTube link and a few full res pics from that day:

Glacier Bay Area_1 Davidson Glacier Glacier Bay Area_2 Juneau Icefield Area Magic Mountains