Way back, in the winter of 2010-2011, my last winter in Moab, I shot a series of footage featuring some of Moab’s best known bouldering and some of Moab’s best kept secret bouldering. The climbers featured in these shots were locals Lisa Hathaway, Jake warren, and Jim Mundell. I wanted to show the enormous potential of bouldering in the Moab area and it’s diversity from one extreme to the other. Alas, that winter I was preparing for a 5000 mile bicycle trip departing in just a few short months, and spent most of the time riding my bike, training, and planning. Little time it seemed, was available for much filming, and in the end, I got what I got. After moving to Alaska, I began sifting through the footage and realized there was not much of it, and the project got shelved. I wish there was a lot more of it, but there is not. These last few weeks, I re-opened the project and began to cut together what I had and came up with this; “Southern Stones”. It is not spectacular, but it is a snapshot of some of the bouldering that was going on at that time. It is what it is, as they say. Enjoy….

TIME  (2013)

The sensation evoked in this time lapse video I just finished putting together is an accurate depiction of how my heart feels about the North Country… Some of the shots are from the past, some have never been seen before. Shot entirely on Canon’s 60D with various lenses, and edited in Final Cut Pro 7 and After Effects CS6. Photographed in British Columbia, Alberta, The Yukon, and of course, Alaska. Enjoy…

A Time Lapse of the Aurora Borealis over Haines, Alaska, December 2013


A collection of video, stills, and timelapse from a 4700 mile bicycle journey to Alaska and back


I shot, produced, and cut this web piece for our friend Richard Press to

help promote his fantastic book shop in Sacramento.

Graphics by Dutch Falconi.

MILK (2012)

“Milk” was a concept for a project that has been largely abandoned..

Who knows, maybe it will be revived at some point.

Starring Dutch Falconi as “Harry”


PORTAL (2010)

“Portal” is a short film that Nick Badovinac and I made in 2010.

It won first place at the Moab Ho Down Film Fest that year…

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