Winter Ogre

After hearing one of my work mates mention there was a snow storm headed our way, I decided that evening to check out NOAA’s website for details. Sure enough: “snow expected, 12-15 inches likely”. So that night, it began to snow softly. 22 hours later, there was 40 inches of snow covering the world., and after spending a good portion of my weekend shoveling snow, I decided that enough was enough and decided to go for a grocery run to town and pedal around a bit. The Surly Ogre, now equipped with the awesome Kenda Klondike studded tires, was just itching to get out of the basement and onto the snow packed streets of Haines. A stop at Mountain Market for some items and then a quick layover at Olerud’s for more grocery items put me pedaling around Old Fort Seward and the hills south of town. Just a quick jaunt to snap some pics and get the beastly Ogre out for a spin…

Winter Ogre_1 Winter Ogre_2 Winter Ogre_3 Winter Ogre_4 Winter Ogre

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