Call Me Crazy

The other day, while nailing hardwood flooring the the sub floor of the house I am being paid to re-assemble  (a re-model), with the radio cranking out all things I mostly abhor when they are not playing music, an advertisement came along with a woman purveying her stature for election to some arcane political office, enticing all who listen that what Alaska needs is a better economic future in the form of upholding, and the enticement of more drilling for oil, the further decimation of one of the most fragile places on Earth. Her main and only stand point for election was one of ensuring that Alaska be pushed and pushed and further endowed that we have the top place in the extraction of fossil fuels to fuel it’s economy. This was her only standpoint. Now I ask, would I really want to vote for a person who’s main and only objective for Alaska’s future be one of a dying technology without so much as a faint mention of what might be possible for future generation upon generation; with the notion that far greater concepts might take hold in this world of today as we know it? Especially in a place with as much eminent resources of beauty and wildness that this magnificent place offers? Seems like backwards thinking to me. I know this for a fact: there is more to our way of life than mere economy. It takes a different form of thinking that we have been on the verge of for generations now, and for political offices to endear the contorted thinking of more raping of the landscape and less of altering our way of life and thinking are preposterous to me.

It certainly is surprising to me, however, when I go to Mountain Market on occasion, there are still those that seem to feel that it is some how in fashion to keep their truck running while they sip their coffee inside. When I see this I think, “good thing fuel cheap:”… at $4.40 a gallon for gasoline and $4,80 for diesel, it sure as hell isn’t cheap. Not that price is the issue, because it certainly is not. Having respect for yourself and all those around you is important. This mentality is exactly the sort that will keep officials aforementioned above in office. Not that I believe wholly in the concept of government or voting for that matter; to me, it is an arcane ideal that is required to vanish and the notion that we need to take complete responsibility for ourselves instead take it’s place. I realize that this notion will stir the shit pot, and most will disagree, that we need government and such, but what we need, in my opinion, is real and genuine spiritual growth in regards to the natural world and ourselves. All else will fall into place. Call me crazy…

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