Kwatini Creek

An early winter stomp up in Northern BC at Kwatini Creek in search of skiable snow produces little snow but a great hike up Kwatini Canyon past the old cabin there and into the alpine… complete with a mountaineering finish. A perfect day marred only by me pretty much destroying my brand spanking new (first time wearing) Arcteryx bibs…😫😢


Northern BC Canyon-2

Grizz prints on the Haines highway near the BC border

Northern BC Canyon-3

The old cabin at Kwatini Creek

Northern BC Canyon-5


Northern BC Canyon-4

Angela busts a sane move crossing in ice bridge sans crampons

Northern BC Canyon-6

Ice is nice!

Northern BC Canyon-7

Ice blobules

Northern BC Canyon-8

Angie bringing up the rear on the “mountaineering finish”

Northern BC Canyon-9

Nearing the top of the gully leading to the sub-arctic plateau above

Northern BC Canyon


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