Game On

Heading out to Chilkoot today, I spy Sea Lion’s feasting on the influx of early season Herring. Then at Chilkoot lake, Eagles are gathering in numbers…. It’s game on in Alaska; spring is here! Rumor has it, a Humpback was patrolling the entrance to the Haines Harbor yesterday. Soon the Hooligan run will start, and then the big fish. Chinooks then the Sockeye. It’s gonna be another great year, I can feel it! Here’s a Chilkoot Baldy from today…

Chilkoot Baldy

Chilkoot Eagles

4 thoughts on “Game On

  1. Hey Dana! It is a pretty special place here for sure… But so is that beautiful desert country! I sometimes miss that environment, but the greener, wetter ecosystem here suits me best ultimately.

    Take care!

  2. Oh wow!! Beautiful Linus. You are living in paradise. Thanks for sharing. It’s nice to see the contrast from my location in the high desert to your beautiful Alaska location.

  3. Linus, you take some truly amazing photographs, man. I’ve been following for a while and I’m always impressed. I quite like a lot of your writing, too.

    You have gifts, my friend. Keep up the great work!


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