OK, OK… Let me get something straight here. Just Rolling By is about adventure. It is about exploring the wild places on this glorious planet. It is about a frame of mind and heart. It is about an alternative experience outside the realm of what most consider an ordinary life. It is about animals and about mountains and about bicycles,and climbing, and skiing, and about “wasting” time, which is time well spent, I say.

But, in order for one to have these experiences and maintain a website such as Just Rolling By, a financial income is straight up necessary.. which is why I am posting to Just Rolling By, my portfolio of stock video footage for sale at Pond5. Shooting stock video is also about adventure, friends. It is about venturing out into the world of any scenario your heart and mind can conjure, and capturing it’s taste with a small black box with a lens bolted onto it. And then trying to sell it. That’s right, sell it.

At the moment, I have not sold a single shot. I have nearly 200 shots for sale and am starting to get involved with another micro stock agency called ShutterStock. I am not discouraged; contrary, I am excited to be out there doing this and hopefully sharing some of it with the rest of the world.

Many thanks to my friends Gene and Michele.

If you want to see what I’ve been up to, click below…


2 thoughts on “Pond5

  1. Your portfolio on Pond5 looks impressive! You are off to a great start with it. Soon sales will start rolling in…

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