Moving Forward

These last few weeks have been one of settling down for the foreseeable Alaska Winter and hunkering down accordingly. Work, or at times, lack of work have been the item on the plate to be taken in. That said, minus losing my regular job at Sea Otter, and having to go back out into the world as a freelance carpenter, a couple of interesting things have been going on. First, the book that I am contributor to “Adventure at High Risk: Stories From Around the Globe” is now out. This I am most happy about. I feel honored to be a part of this fine project spearhaeded by Cameron Burns and his father, Kerry Burns. It is a collection of stories from authors abroad, featuring some amazing essays by both renowned authors in the given precip, and by other, unknown chaps such as myself, A good read if I do say so myself. Second… I got paid! I guess that now makes me what might, in some circles, be known as a “professional writer”. This too makes me happy… Also, I have been involved, thanks in every part to my friend Gene, here in Haines, to now be a contributor to the stock video website Pond5. Here is a selection from my artist page: justrollingby. Many thanks to you Gene for helping me out on so many levels! You readers should check out his stuff… He is a talent to be reckoned with! On a side note, thank you all for being patient with Just Rolling By’s slow development these days… There is more in store.   Peace IMG_0215 Adventure at High Risk Payment PSD

2 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. Hi Austin, thanks very much for checking in. I do believe it difficult to convey such a trip, day to day, in such a short story. My daily averages were right at 60 miles per day, which does not includes some rest days here and there.. There were days I rode on 25, but many more that cranked out 85. 60 is what I always shot for. If you’ve got dreams of big bike trips, I say go for it. you will suffer, you will have a blast, you will become very fit. To me, it is more a lifestyle choice than about the bike. As far as the Fargo is concerned, it is a great bike, and really, it is quite similar to the Ogre. Either on will do. That said, the Ogre is a tiny bit burlier. Good luck out there!


  2. Just finished your contributing chapter a couple hours ago. I bought the book on a whim and am happy to say the book has not disappointed.

    As a rider, the journey is made to sound much easier than it must have been. Perhaps you’re just more humble than I am. I calculated ~35 miles a day from Moab to Alaska’s southern tip. Sounds manageable on paper, but man, that’s some serious riding! Easily the most enjoyable read in the book so far and further evidence that I just need to make my bike touring dreams happen.

    I, myself, have been eyeing the Salsa Fargo for such attempts (which will be quite less impressive than yours). I have heard the Fargo is less suitable for heavy loads, so in all likelihood the Ogre you landed was the better choice not only for comfort but stability. Would you agree with that?

    Thanks again for the story and be careful out there.

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