A Place Between Places

These last few weeks, hell, months, have been a place of truncated domestic life that has left myself and Just Rolling By a thing of whimsical memory. Day to day, bla, bla, blah…. I wish for something greater. I have never been one satisfied with the day to day goings on of daily life as most know of it. These last time periods have been filled with such and I now realize that I am an antennae: a receptacle for thought and idea that cannot be shrugged off… Today I saw the realization of something greater than the path that I have been on. Let me re-state: Today I RE- realized something that must be done. And it shall. Just Rolling By has been, well, rather defunct, as some of you may have noticed. It is not because of lack of words, but more from lack of spirit. Honestly, without a grandiose expedition at hand to report, the thoughts that I might purvey to “paper”, if you will, are generally ones that most folks don’t want to hear. I have a LOT on my mind that I am reluctant to share, even on Just Rolling By. All I can say at this point, is that I now know what needs to occur: the only remaining question is: How?  Not sure yet;  I’m working on it. I swear. Great things are in process…Be patient, keep the faith, and tune in…. I Love you all.

Lost Coast

5 thoughts on “A Place Between Places

  1. Don! Many thanks to you, Brother… I am keeping the faith the best I can and a future adventure is in the works.. We are all on an adventure in this life. Some are this way, some are that. I never seem to be satisfied with the “this” side. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks again.. and please say hello to all those folks down there that hold my heart… LLP

  2. Do not discount the fact that we love to hear about your every day aspects of life in Alaska. For those of us in the lower 48, life in Alaska is so much different than our lives here. The scenery, your outings to catch fish for the larder, your photography, are all great stuff. That is even if you are not risking life and limb on some great “adventure”. Keep up the posts when you can between adventures. We love them all. Don Bybee

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