Socially Unacceptable

The places that are wild and free are special and deserving of our utmost attention. The places that are a faction of corruption and dismay are places that humans have altered to to fit only themselve’s, and by definition, are neither wild nor free, but instead are made swiftly to submit to and are held in bondage by a race set on domination and desrtuction for it’s immediate gratification of false pretense, only to be held responsible for not only their own destruction, but the demise of all those wild and free creatures around them. These are not notions I have learned in school, but ones I have learned in the forest and in the mountains an in the desert. I have learned this from listening to the animals that inhabit these places and from  serving the woes of those who have not. I am not a wise man. I am a simpe man who desires and ultimately demands the best of those who’s intentions are pure and the downfall of those who’s are not. A world that is in harmony would not question such a notion or a man that speaks such. This I know, and I do not know this because the internet or the television or the media tells me so. I know it because I listen to a turbulent world of a struggling planet and it’s coherts in distress. For these reasons I do not believe in a system of politics or a system of voting; because a system of either is a system that serves only itself and nothing more. This is my truth. I know that I am rejected intelectually by many of my peers and my family for stating these neccesities, but I am not alone in saying. Unpopular beliefs have been punished for milennia and is nothing further from the truth than one who goes along with the status quo just because it is socially acceptable. The Human condition has been on a long and dangerous path for many, many moons and, since I was a child, I have known that a change has been occuring, at least in regards to the Human perception of the universe at large, yet perhaps it is not happening fast enough. Paradoxally, it is likely my own perception of the concept as a whole that permits me to think that this is happening too slowly, and yet the notion that things are happening at it’s appropriate timing is correct on a cosmic scale, and that all that we might do to carry our burden is to guide one another and help each other to listen to the forest, and the water, and the wind. To listen to the Animals, as they have as much to say as we ever have, and to forget that we are more important or  more relevent than all other creatures. To think as such is a Christian doctrine that has misguided the Human Race and set back it’s spiritual evolution and higher calling for  untold numbers of years. It is time to stop this madness and live the lives we were meant to live. If you think I am mad and don’t know what I am talking about, all you have to do is lsten to the wind speak to you and look into yor heart; then you will know all you will ever need to know.

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