A New Death

Pedaling up the Cassiar Highwhay in 2011 was a major turning point in my life. It was the first time in my life that I had become a part of the true north. It was an experience of gratitude and an observation of the world that I had dreamed of but not yet embarked. It was a place that reared an unspeakable truth to me and one that bears deep in my heart and cannot be let go or forgotten. It was a place that paved the way for an an unfounded way of life that I could only set forth dreams and revelations about the world that I had only glimpses of forlorn. It was on this journey that I died. And died I did. I died an unspeakable death of letting go of the prosperities and notions of a world gone totally mad. And then was reborn. It was this place that set forth the venture that I am now embarked on; the one that now allows me to live in the woods and ponder, as Thoreau did at Walden Pond, now in Alaska, and I am deeply grateful. Thank You David…Cassiar

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