Battery Point

Working Saturdays is never fun, and today was no exception. After a stint at my neighbors house doing some drywall repair for her, I then headed to my regular job to finish up on the custom shelve’s I am building so the owners can get to applying finish on them. By 1:30 pm I am free for the afternoon. What to do? Go fishing up on the Chilkat? Attempt a hike up to Mt Riley’s still snowy summit? I am tired from a long week and something mellow, yet engaging is in order. I decide to head out to the always straightforward and beautiful Battery Point Trail. I grab binoculars and camera and head over to the trailhead. There are Canadian license plates everywhere and I remember that it is spring break in Canada. The Battery point trail is a fine treat, and I never tire of it’s simple availability of gorgeous rainforest, open, rocky beach, and splendid views of the Chilkoot Mountains. Bears frequent the trail in season and it is common to see migrating birds, Orca’s and Whales out in the water. The rainforest section of the trail is about a mile or so long, and features a twisting, root filled trail that crosses bogs of muskeg, streams, and is as green a place as one is likely to find anywhere. After a spell, one emerges onto the rocky beaches of the Lynn Canal and the Chilkoot Inlet. This leads to a prominent point called Kelgaya Point. It seems that most folks stop here, but the “trail” continues on and becomes more fascinating with each step. Short trails break away from the coast line and across fields and into the twisted Spruce, all the while meandering through a maze of witch dens and goblin hollows creating an ethereal setting. Another long and curving rocky beach brings one to Battery point proper. I have never been past this place, but I would imagine that one could most likely walk all the way to Mud Bay….

Battery Point_1 Battery Point_2 Battery Point_3 Battery Point_4 Battery Point_5 Battery Point_6 Battery Point_7 Battery Point_8 Battery Point IMG_9893 IMG_9896

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