A Watchful Eye

This weekend turned out to be the clearest of the clear days so far this winter. At 8 am Saturday morning, as the sun was sleepily coming to fruitation, and gently coloring the peaks a flaming orange, the stillness and the contrast to the air was crystalizing. I set up the camera on the beach at the Chilkat Estuary, aimed it at the glaciers to the west, and let ‘er rip. A sequence of photos at F22 and an 8 second shutter, spread at intervals of 20 seconds, ought to make a nice sunrise time lapse I recon. I left to get some coffe…

The weather this last few weeks has been of a foreign nature. For more than 2 weeks now, it has been raining almost without fail; in fact, last night was the first night it dipped below freezing in 10 days or so. Strange indeed, since it is the  middle of Alaska winter; It is likely 30 below in Fairbanks.

After a spell, I head back to the beach to retrieve my camera and get off to work for an hour or so to get ahead on some projects. Today’s project is to get some tongue-in-groove panels made for the attic and plumbing access holes in the house we are buying. Lately, my adventure comes in the form of this new concept of buying a home; it is a new breed of adventure for sure.

Later,  getting back to the place I am staying, I process the RAW images into jpg’s and settle them into a delicious time lapse video; this one comes out better that I had hoped, and later, when it was accidentally deleted, I was heartbroken.

Up sunday morning and today is at least as glorious as the last, so off I go camera in hand and headed up the highway north of Haines, bound for the Canadian border, where gifts of stupndeous mountains and glaciers occur.

Driving north, the biggest female Moose I have ever seen, steps onto the roadway and galops across; a gentle swerve and some easy braking sees her clear. She must have been nearly 6 feet tall and close to 900 lbs. She was one big mama… I head up to the Mosquito Lake road and turn around. Stops along the Chilkat River to spy Eagles and Dolly Varden reward me with mesmerizing views of the glorious mountains and glaciers.

This place is under my skin, and I will keep a watchful eye on her…

IMG_9348 IMG_9355 IMG_9367 IMG_9376 IMG_9389 IMG_9392 IMG_9400

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