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  1. Hello, Linus. This is Al Gilliam, also of Haines. I just read your well-written story about the Takhin Valley.

    I used to operate my GLACIER CAMP, “Horse Camp,” in the Tsirku Valley until one of the Heliski companies maliciously interfered with my lease renewal. BUMMER!

    I have traveled the entire Takhin Valley on foot, skis, snowshoes, via canoe, and airboat.

    I often ran my airboat up to the base of the upper rapids in the Takhin just below FOX CAMP, and then I continued upriver using a canoe that still hangs in a tree.

    The moose shed you photographed near the end of my old boardwalk in the Tsirku Valley is now at my 26-mile cabin. Also, since you never mentioned the abundance of Horseflies on Broken Heart Ridge, they must not have hatched yet. They always went for the middle of my back, but I once killed four in a single slap to my leg. Just imagine the nuisance they presented.

    I am also writing about the Haines area, starting with my first trip hiking up the Tsirku and down the Takhin valley. There is far more history there than most folks know.

    We were in the upper Takhin during the Solstice of ’76. Wow, that was 45-years ago! Were you even born yet? I’m sure that you know where I live. Stop by if you have a mind to.

    1. Hey Al, nice to hear from you! The Takhin is an amazing place for sure… one of the best in the entire region.I would love to stop by, but I now live in Fairbanks… Be well!

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