Based out of Planet Alaska, I not only enjoy, but require  beautiful, enchanting, lovely, wild, desolate, dangerous, lonely, transcending, treacherous, and downright mind numbing wilderness in my life. I enjoy being in these places on foot, bicycle, and packraft.

I take photographs of said places in order to capture it’s delicate moments and to share it with my family and friends who cannot or will not experience it for themselves. I also do it to try and make a small living in order to keep in these places.

I feel uncomfortable and out of place when I am not in these places.. (READ: Cities)

I do not wish for a great deal of possessions or to own a home in the city.

I merely seek  the next adventure…

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Didn’t find it Linus…was a lot on the left side of the road….I’m really sorry for you!
    Send you a mail on the gmail.

    Hoping hearing from you again!

  2. Best of luck on your upcoming AK trip. I am just back from 2 months and 1000 plus miles of winter Fat Bike touring up in AK. It is an amazing place that I love going back to. Be safe and I look forward to following your travels.

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