Living The Dream (or dreaming of this life)

These last few weeks have been interesting to say the least… from a short solo venture into the upper Tsirku river with death defying river crossings, to stomps up the lower corridors of the Kelsall River drainage, where navigation through bear infested Alder tunnels not only kept me extremely alert, but the bushwhacking so thick, it knocked loose the safety trigger on the canister of Bear spray I was carrying and blasted forth a jet of the fine and corrosive mist, getting into my nasal passages and causing hours of pain and discomfort. All in a days work I reckon. Just another day in Alaska…

Another scramble up a mysterious canyon led to a place of everlasting snowfields and enchanting waterfalls… such is this glorious place, and I love it here more that I will ever be able to describe…

But lately, Haines has been one of a desolate and empty place to me that has put forth a spell; one that forgoes the absolute grandness that this unbelievable place is. There is no place finer, but I feel compelled to venture further north. I feel nothing but gratitude and respect. I’ll be heading into the Tombstone Mountains of the Northern Yukon for a bit, then traveling into the innards of AK and onto Fairbanks to visit my friend Sven and hopefully gear up for an adventure or two with my old friend Dennis from California. Much on the horizon, but so little certainty. The future is a mystery to all…

So I am shutting down the house and heading into the interiors of this mysterious northern landscape. Who knows the treasures I will find, but find them I will do just the same.

So keep your head high and your eyes pasted to the omnipotent horizon I say… More coming.

So stay tuned!

One thought on “Living The Dream (or dreaming of this life)

  1. I have yet to visit Alaska but every time I read what you have to say about it it underscores the urgency with which I must get there. Glad to hear you have much to look forward to in the near future, my friend. Keep adventuring and keep writing.

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