Nearly Forgotten

Ok, this is really embarrassing to say out loud. I have not ridden my bike in almost eight months. That’s right. Not at all… there is just no time. Work in general rules my life in one way or another, wether it be carpentry, working on the house, or shooting and editing video, it all amounts to employment; employ that has left my bicycle, this website, and my fitness nearly forgotten.

Food for thought: the far north is calling me again and this August will be a good time to visit. Another go at the failed Dempster from 2013? Or maybe a trip up the seldom visited Nabessna Road? Many possibilities and ideas. Limited time and resources however. Maybe a month long trip. Ride from Haines? Or maybe drive to Dawson… Hmmm. I’ll be thinking on this while I sling a paintbrush at work today.

Count on it.


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