Bright Bike Verdict is In…


This past summer has been one for the books. 2800 miles of pedaling through some of the most fantastic country in the world; through countless mountain ranges, swamps forests, and arctic plains, both solo and with my girl, Angela. It has been truly a summer to remember. Having a source for powering the phones and ipods was more than just a luxury, as we both had phone commitments from time to time and the mental luxury of having music once in a while proved outstanding. In the past, I had always used a solar panel, of which I am a fan. However, when it is cloudy, as is often the case in Alaska and the Yukon, this is of extremely limited use. No sun=no power. Simple as that. Additionally, one must spend the time to roll out these panels and the connected devices for a length of time to really work; in full sun. This is just not always practical while living for weeks or months at a time on a bicycle.

I recently purchased a dyno hub for my Surly, and hoped that it would be the means to power USB devices. However, dyno hubs put out the wrong voltage and amperage for the USB standard, and therefore additional hardware is required to make this work. Enter the BrightBike Revolution. It is a small USB port with connected wiring that connects to the dyno hub and does all of the converting for your USB devices to live a happy life. It is small, light and reasonably priced: at 120 dollars, it is nearly half the cost of devices I had used previously, at half the weight to boot. Mine simply zip ties to the down tube and is waterproof and reliable. So reliable in fact, that after 2800 miles of pedaling through endless rain and mud throughout the summer, it never once failed me. If you have on the bike USB charging needs, check it out.

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