Keep Calm and Carry on

I awoke last night around midnight and lay quietly in the forest. My deep fears festering in the darkest hours of night. Not literally, since it does not actually get dark, but metaphorically. I kept thinking to myself, “How could I be so foolish.” “Where did the envelope go”. Too many possibilities to contemplate. Like in needle in the monstrous haystack of Alaska. I do have a few bucks left, and family and friends have been extremely supportive. But another question kept itching the back of my skull. Is this a sign?  Should I call it quits? Am I in over my head? Or am I just a monumental screwup? These questions kept me awake last night. Angela confirmed to me the notion that these hours can be the worst on a temporarily troubled mind. I know it to be so.

I have decided that I will carry on, the torch of my spirit and the handlebars of my bike. Keep calm and carry on…

9 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Carry on

  1. Hey Brandon.. Glad you are enjoying the reading. How is the Soma treating you? I hope it is what you were looking for. The Surly has been great as always! I’m in Fairbanks at the moment and gearing up to head to Prudehoe Bay in the Arctic. Just trying to figure out how to return after without spending a small fortune.. If you can donate a little, I would graciously accept. There is a pay-pal button on the “Just Rolling By” home page. Thanks Brandon.. Keep in touch!


  2. Linus,

    So sorry about the loss of your TRIP fund. If you’re accepting contributions for the cause I’d be glad to pitch in.

    As a memory aid, I met you while at the Edible Pedal when I was talking to John about the Soma Saga frame I ordered for touring. And, you let me ride your Ogre around the block to see how the real cyclo-tourists do it. It was a memorable day for me. Thank you.

    In any case, let me/us (there must be others) know and I’ll kick in what I can. How else can I vicariously experience such raw touring in Alaska?

    Brandon McClintock P.O. Box 861 Woodland, CA 95776 530-908-1788 (cell)

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Deb.. I’m chalking it up to just more adventure, yes. The absolute hardest part of this coming to grips with how I could have been soo careless. It’s just not like me. As someone recently commented, perhaps a Raven snatched off with it so I would finally just move to Alaska!

  4. OMG Linus – just catching up to this recent set of posts. I can’t imagine how bummed you might be. AND, I agree, you came up there to do the adventure and so, now, it has really begun. Get to it. There’s plenty of support and love coming your way – maybe you needed an added challenge to make this the adventure of your life. Only time will tell. Go only forward.

  5. Linus!
    It kills me to hear your troubled news:( it’s inspirational what you are doing and just a little crazy… But fits you perfectly! If I can give you a little of my vast knowledge of touring through the great unknown (haha) it’s this, restaurants almost always can use dishwashers. Lol. Glad to here your pushing on! Hope to see more awesome photos down the pipeline.

    1. Thank you, Tyson! It’s nice to hear words of encouragement from Moab Folk..
      I love it up here and am happy to be here no matter what! I hope things are going great for You!!

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