San Juan Island

After spending the morning in Anacortes at a coffee shop, writing and sorting photos, I managed to catch the 2:40 pm ferry to San Juan Island.

Friday Harbor

Friday Harbor is a small community situated on the east side of the island, and reminds me a little of Homer, AK. It is part fishing village, part tourist destination, part normal town, yet seems to have a for-real alternative feel to it, and that pleases me.

I’m here to visit my old friend Ben, whom I knew from Utah over the years.  Ben works as a local carpenter and lives a simplistic lifestyle, in the woods, and off the grid. His current living situation involves a wall tent erected on a framed, wooden platform with his solar panels mounted to the tent’s roof; primarily for lights and refrigeration.

I call Ben after getting off the ferry, and in minutes he whips around the corner in his pickup and we head to his workplace to look at some re-claimable lumber. The next morning, Ben convinces me to accompany him to the yoga class he frequents in town.  It has been a long while since my body has experienced this type of movement and it was difficult for me, yet enjoyable. My Angela (Aote) also teaches and guides, among other things, yoga as well, and going to this class in Friday Harbor reminds me of, and makes me yearn for Angela’s instruction. I am certain she would like it here on “the Island”.

Later, after breakfast, we go back to Ben’s workplace and load his flatbed trailer with said re-claimed lumber.  Then it starts to rain, Washington style, and he shows me around a bit.  Later, at his place, we sip tea and discuss topics ranging from solar energy to bike trips in Alaska. Back in the 90’s, Ben rode his bicycle from Moab to Fairbanks and back. It was a journey of over 6000 miles

Monday morning, Ben heads to his work and I to mine.. I head up north to Roche Harbor and then down the spectacular west coast of the island, for excellent views of Vancouver Island and Haro Strait.  Today I will catch the ferry back to the mainland and catch up with Dennis and Pat to do some fishing and get ready for Alaska..

The Massive Mt Baker
This is Ben!
The awesome camp in Anacortes

IMG_8665 IMG_8663 IMG_8662 IMG_8660 IMG_8655 IMG_8652 IMG_8646 IMG_8638 IMG_8632 IMG_8629 IMG_8627 IMG_8626 IMG_8623 IMG_8620 IMG_8619 IMG_8613 IMG_8611 IMG_8610

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