A Real Wish List

I have been dreaming lately, of the many places I wish to visit on this splendid Earth.  They are all rugged, remote, inhospitable, and full of wonder, beauty, and hopefully, for a while longer, before humanity has it’s way, full of non human animals as well. These places are diverse, yet at the same time, I realized, generally occur at great distances from the equator and/or at higher elevations. I do love mountains and deserts, I admit.

Here’s my “short” list

1.   Dempster and Dalton highways, Alaska/Yukon/Northwest Territorries-heading out in     3 1/2 weeks!

2.   McCarthy Road, Alaska- Later this summer

3.   Nabessna Road, Alaska- Another trip.

4.   Canol Road- Yukon/Northwest Territories

5.   Alaska’s Lost Coast- From Cordova to Glacier bay

6.   Campbell Highway-Yukon

7.   The Great Divide Route- Canada to Mexico

8.   The Transtaiga Road- Northern Quebec

9.   Iceland’s Belt Route

10.   The high deserts of Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina

11.   The Arctic Highway in Norway

12.   The Kamchatka Penninsula in Eastern Russia

13.   Siberia

14.   Mongolia

15.   Last but not least, if I can beat this cold I have and get my ass out of bed in the morning, I hope to pedal to work tomorrow!

What’s your list?