7 thoughts on “True North

  1. whooo hoooo time traveling thru some incredible scenery there! very nice to make your acquaintance there and maybe bump into you again in squarebanks if the space time continuum is right

  2. Linus,
    The wild, and the call of it, and yes, yes I understand! So happy for you, and honored to follow you. Sending peace, love, and good happiness from El Portal. Long may your petals flourish, and bloom.
    Smiling your way.

  3. Hello Linus,
    its bobby from the liquor shop on del paso, just watched the video and man awesome video, in only 6 minutes you have showed an incredible amount of beautiful landscapes and timeless places, wow awesome video, thanks for taking us places we find almost impossible to get to while we are stuck in the daily city grind.

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