A Bold Step?

Alaska Range
Central Alaska Range

My mind’s eyes focuses intently on a people and a society that is not focused on a realm of technology but one that inherently desires to achieve a sense of wonder regarding a planet that they inhabit with all species and not on one that intrinsically needs to overcome and destroy their surroundings in order to achieve a means to place themselves squarely at the “top” of an imaginary dimension of superiority amongst the living creatures around them.

 This is my vision, or some may say, fantasy. A fantasy it is not, I say. What do you say?  Technology is a misnomer in the regard that, of course, we have the upper hand above all that surround us, but, ultimately we do not control. We control ourselves. We are engaged in a culture that does not assume responsibility for our actions, but instead, we rely on a seemingly grotesque vision that we must dominate the planet; that we are privy to all that is and all that will ever be, which, in a sense, is not only killing us, in a sublime fashion, but killing all that surrounds us. A species that assumes such cohesive control over everything in it’s path must only, in this authors humble opinion,  be considered mad. A species that destroys it’s surroundings in order to achieve dominance, is a stupid and feeble species indeed.

  I am quite certain that when I say this, it is correct, at least from my limited perspective of the world at large, but nonetheless, here goes, I know that technology is not the answer to our most perplexing questions. I know this with all of my heart and being. I sit here writing on a computer, that I am told, it’s processors are built with a resource that only comes from a small place on the planet; one that is probably decimating an entire culture of peoples in the process; I do not condone this, but, I am using this technology to convey a message from my heart in regards to all of our future. Our children’s future. The future of the Bears and the Salmon, and the Wolverines, that cannot be rejuvenated once depleted. The use of technology is a tool that must be used to further all that is and not to destroy it. We MUST become more responsible to ourselves and to others. And when I say others I certainly mean the Bears and the Salmon and the Wolverines and all others trying desperately to make a home on this globe, where, in fact Humans are the common enemy.

So how does one make sense of all of this, You ask?  First off, I am not a purveyor of wisdom; I am only a man who wishes deeply to connect with You, the human, in order to perceive the world we live upon in a harmonious way.

Living in harmony with nature, at least in this culture, is the stuff of fairy tales. It seems to be only an acceptable thought undertaken by children, the mentally feeble, or the unrealistic idealist. But to me, any other way of looking at the world is total madness.

We seem to exist in a culture where there is little intention in regards to utilizing the technology we have to actually better ourselves; and when I say better ourselves, I mean bettering all species, because for all species to flourish is for us to flourish as well. We seem to be utilizing state of the art tech in order to entertain ourselves, to distract ourselves from the real questions at hand.

Technology.. A bicycle is a form of technology; It’s metals are extracted from the Earth utilizing toxic methods and polluting means, rubber used is created much the same, not to mention the machines created to accomplish such tasks.  But, people!  Bicycles are here. Now. Utilizing them and educating our peers, needs to happen at this juncture in time.

I don’t drive often, but when I do, the experience of stammering along on a crowded freeway going either 5 mph or 80 mph, depending on the time of day, really makes me ponder that we are headed for  a painfully disturbing death, not only for ourselves, but for all around us. I know that this is not the way we are supposed to live. In fact, it really makes me want to vomit.

In Sacramento, the cops don’t give a damn about bicycle theft; to them, bicycles are reserved for either a few elitists, or homeless junkies unable to afford a proper car. This is utter nonsense and a typical view that American’s seem to have. Bicycling creates a feeling of euphoria and calms the nerves, invigorates the body, mind, and soul, and deeply limits the need for extracting fuels that are destroying what’s left of North Americas’ greatest wilderness asset: The Arctic…  Which is why I am headed there this summer. I encourage everyone to take a bold step in realizing that we are headed for disaster and that taking a leap toward an unconventional form of thinking is what is now in order.

Those who do not do this, are merely taking up space…  I’m going for a ride now.

3 thoughts on “A Bold Step?

  1. I read somewhere years ago that this planet can, on a long term basis, can only sustainably support one billion humans. Without research to back it up, I might agree. Ultimately, 6 billion gotta go. Lucky for the planet and the other 800,000 species that live here, humans don’t live past 90 or so…

  2. Thanks for the reply.. I read the article and it is good one. I think the answers are somewhere in between. A lot can be accomplished by simply resetting our way of viewing the world around us. I do not believe in the concept of ..” nature being a wholly owned subsidiary of Humanity, Inc.” To me that is a greedy, horse-poop way of thinking. A lot can be accomplished by simply toning this scene down about 70%. I don’t mean through human suffering either. The vast amount of over consumption in this culture is stunningly obscene, and totally unnecessary.

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