Dirt Trailing

Sunny Sunday, early afternoon, chores finished (sort of), bike screaming at me. Stop! I hear You! Grab photographic devices, off we go, off to river. Find dirt trails, green grass, bike tracks, soft dirt, bare trees, glimmering water. Past Hobo camps, fallen trees, railroad trestles and graffiti. Pass dogs’ seemingly intent on murder – pedal hard. Homeless man without teeth to bare grins wildly at the sky like something is coming for him. Bike glides silently toward an unknown realm where there is no city, no filth, no goal. Only to be a bike.IMG_7943 IMG_7946 IMG_7949 IMG_7950 IMG_7951 IMG_7953 IMG_7955 IMG_7957 IMG_7959 IMG_7960 IMG_7963 IMG_7970

4 thoughts on “Dirt Trailing

  1. I have recently been exploring the local dirt on ART & have had a total blast barely 500′ from houses and 5 yards from pavement. Who knew such “urban wilderness” existed? I have been pleasantly surprised each time out. Love the pics & words that go with them.

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