A Day in Davis

These days I often just simply get on my bike and go. Sometimes just a vague idea in mind as a destination, but usually I am more interested in the journey, rather than the destination. It’s true that the simple act of being on a bicycle is a healing and rejuvenating experience; one that can straighten your path so to speak. It’s also a splendid location to get some thinking done, if that is what is needed. Or, it can be a place to simply not think and to merely enjoy the wind on your face.

Today, I decided on heading out across the Yolo causeway in search of more of the same dirt trails I had discovered earlier in the fall. As I entered the dedicated bicycle path that connects Sacramento with Davis, the Causeway appeared. The dirt trails and open meadows were completely underwater. Of course, I had forgotten that this time of year that is the case. I decide to pedal on to Davis via the bike path, and have a relaxing pedal. Davis, which about 20 miles from Sacramento, is the home of the University of California, Davis. It had been a long time since I had been to a small college town and had forgotten how quaint they can be. Davis is full of book stores, small markets, a farmers market, cafe’s and coffee shops. The UC campus is also quite nice to pedal around through, partly due to the many foot and bicycle trails adjacent to the creeks, arboretums, and, gardens. It’s quite nice really.

Davis is truly a bicycle town. Dedicated bike lanes, bike parking, paths, and bike shops seem to be every where. There are people riding bicycles everywhere, and herein lies the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame.

 IMG_7402 IMG_7419 IMG_7418 IMG_7417 IMG_7416 IMG_7410 IMG_7409 IMG_7407 IMG_7406 IMG_7401 IMG_7396 IMG_7394 IMG_7393 IMG_7391 IMG_7389 IMG_7375 IMG_7378

7 thoughts on “A Day in Davis

  1. Love it. Would love to visit someday. Like the pic with the graffiti. Looks like a stained glass window at first glance.

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