The Tale of Biastardo de Verde

I really like bikes. I like all bikes. Well, nearly all bikes. I like simple bikes and complicated bikes. I like downhill bikes and I like touring bikes. These days, I am partial to steel framed touring bikes. I use the term touring bike very loosely, because a touring bike can be anything you want it to be. It can be heavy or light. It can be steel, aluminum, or carbon (plastic). It can be bamboo. The first touring bike I had was a Bianchi Grizzly mountain bike that I bought new in 1992, in Salt Lake City. It was outfitted with the outstanding Suntour XC Pro group, and served me well on the early trails of my then home of Moab, Utah.

The Griz in Oregon, '93
The Griz in Oregon, ’93

Then I got the bug. I wanted to utilize the bicycle for more than just simple pleasures. I wanted it to be a vehicle. In ’93 I rode the Griz from Moab to California by way of Idaho and Oregon and it suited me just fine…

Oregon Grizzly
Oregon Grizzly

Fast forward to 2009… The Griz had been traded some years back to an old friend for the hell if I can remember what, but in 2005, it came ’round my way again!

By 2009, I had stripped the frame and rattled can’d it a nice light forest green, and it affectionately became known as the Green Bastard. Over the years, the Bastard went through several changes, components, and owners. It now belongs to Angela, and I am desiring to rebuild the Bastard once again! The bike shop I work at, Edible Pedal, in Sacramento, has a powder coating service, and I do believe that the Bastard wishes to be painted once again. I doubt that it will be green this time around, but rest assured, no matter what color it recieved, it will always be known as The Green Bastard.

Green Bastard
The Green Bastard

3 thoughts on “The Tale of Biastardo de Verde

  1. The Green Bastard is the best! The Green Bastard was named after the wildy famous super hero, Green Bastard … aka Bubbles on Trailer Park Boys. I am happy to report that the bastard is still running smoothly and will become the Rainbow Bastard quite soon! Meow

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