I am currently sponsored by Easton Mountain Products, who have provided me with 2 separate Hat Trick 3P tents. These shelters are Trick, easy to set up, and Bombproof. Here is a review I wrote for the tent:  http://www.backcountry.com/bcs/review/Alaskan-Odyssey-Hat-Trick-Review/200149136.html

Also, by Rivet Cycle Works, who have provided one of their beautifully crafted Rivet Pearl leather saddles. I have written a review of this marvelous  saddle here.

Also, by the good folks David Dean and Tim Higgins of Bright Bike Labs. They have supplied me with USB power to keep my gadgetry charged while on these expeditions.

Also, I am unofficially sponsored by Sierra Designs, insofar as they have provided for me a stellar rainsuit to keep my dry from the extraordinary wet conditions of The North.

Thanks to these companies for their support, and thanks to Edible Pedal Bicycle Shop in Sacramento, and thanks to all of my family and friends for their support!

In the end, all of these adventures have a monetary requirement in order to happen. If You would like to be a sponsor in any fashion. Please feel free to contact me at: solarslashlinus@gmail.com.

Contacting me via this blog is also an excellent resource for making reliable contact.

I am happy to take on equipment testing and reviews, photographic and video trades, writing, and storytelling in exchange for equipment and financial sponsorship.


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