January 3, 2013

An avid bicycle tourer and blogger sent us in this blog post of his solar charging setup and includes bit of a product review to boot. He uses a PowerFilm 50 Watt foldable panel connected to our V60 Universal Laptop Battery to charge his MacBook, Canon 60D, 2 hard drives, a laptop, an ipod, and a cell phone. As he says, “Holy s**t that’s a lot of junk to be hauling into the woods!”

Here’s pictures of the electronics with the panel open and folded up.

laptop battery and powerfilm solar panel laptop battery and powerfilm solar panel folded up

Of course, we’d like everyone to use our compact and portable 16 Watt solar panel, but the good news about the V60 is that it charges well from all solar panels in the 14-20V range. We’re looking to do a side by side comparison with some PowerFilm panels later this month.

For more great photos of a tricked out touring bike and majestic scenery, visit Just Rolling By.



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